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seeing stars and stripes

a journey of a 20-something year old through the spectacular cities of america

14th of August - 8 weeks today

Looking at the date I noticed that it has come around so quickly that it will be 8 weeks around 2:30pm I head off Australian shores to the USA turf I have dreamed of.

Still sorting out jobs, visas and accommodation, so nothing seems to real at the moment.

If anyone has some must do’s/see’s, cheap alternatives or really expensive mistakes they made that I should take on board I will be happy to hear all of your tips! 


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So the countdown begins

Flights booked to LAX, visa processing and no accommodation booked.

Should I be worried? 

I am preparing to take the trip of a lifetime, exploring the secret passages, big cities and all and everything between the exciting place of America. 

Taking this trip with me, myself and I. 

It will be a journey of wanderlust, adventure and new beginnings. 

Wait and watch and lets see how this all evolves into a beauty.